Our Story

I am happy to be the 2nd generation of one the large organization which has a past over 40 years in the textile sector and had the best opportunity to work with many good people in the world.

After years of doing great work in the field of textile apparel in my family companies, now I have decided to live inThe  United States of America with my nuclear family which  allowed me to take new steps. I have decided to continue with my new brand,Gates Two Heaven.

I was born in the city of '' Denizli ''. Denizli is an industrial city in the Southwestern part of Turkey and the Eastern end of the alluvial valley formed by the river. Denizli has seen economic development in the last few decades, mostly due to textile production and exports. The area has been occupied since prehistoric times. It existed through the ancient times and Roman towns. It was near the cities (Hierapolis and Laodicea on the River Lycus ‘’ Çürüksu’’) and flourished through the Byzantine period. As a Family business and respecting the pass we lived in through times until now, our family business decided to support and sponsored “Laodicea Antique City” since 2001. Not only that I decided to support 100% cotton and hand-made products in my district, especially the ladies in need. “Buldan district is a local hard working ladies of any age who try to earn family traditional handicraft products in Denizli.  I was inspired from all and decided to build my brand in order to contribute to give back to community of Buldan by supporting those single women who are in need, financially  as well as morally.


This will be an important step in the growth of my brand,Gates Two Heaven, to support and benefit. My ultimate aim is to reveal the importance of manual labor by taking place among the well-known brands.

Laodicea on the Lycus (LatinLaodicea ad Lycum) was an ancient city built on the river Lycus 

(Çürüksu). It was located in the Hellenistic regions of Caria And Lydia, which later became the Roman Province of Phrygia Pacatiana.

What about Pestemal (Peshtemal)?

A pestemal or peshtemal is on authentic flat woven Turkish towel with a  fringe, generally made with Turkish cotton. Pestemal is colorful, fast drying, absorbent and an essential element of the Turkish bath experience. Pestemals are used as a towels, decorative throws, table cloths, beach dresses and packable travel towels. 

How to wear Peshtemal?

A peshtemal is not just a mere towel but it’s also a pretty fashionable accessory to wear! The illustration below shows a few ways to wear a peshtemal – just to give an idea and inspire you to discover many more other ways…