DENIZLI CITY and highlights;

@ Denizli; Hierapolis (Hierapolis / Pamukkale), antique cities such as Laodicea and Tripolis, thermal springs and the world-famous travertines of PAMUKKALE is an important tourism center to be seen.

@ Denizli; B.C. (261-246) and was called “Laodicea”. The actual residential area with time has surpassed Laodicea and has come up to the city center today.

@ Denizli; the investor is the capital of textile, which is a brand of the eye of the world with its spirited and helpful people.

@ It is one of the most important gates of the Turkish economy. Especially, with the Textile, Tourism and Marble, has become able to compete in the world.

@ Denizli, which is an important center especially in Towel, Bathrobe production, can be considered as the capital of the world in the field of cotton textile.

@ With the world brands, Denizli has very special factories that can compete as well as makes quality and variety manufacturing in the textile field.

@ Thermal Tourism is one of the most important centers of Turkey in the terms of potential. It is the a city where domestic and foreign tourists benefit very much in terms of healing and therapy in 12 months of the year. 

Rooster is the symbol of the city of Denizli

The city of Denizli, famous for its Roosters, has a rich history and culture. Rooster has become the symbol of the city of Denizli. Rooster; enlightenment means light, but also stands up and stands up for your rights. The sun rays heralding the sunrise at the same time was believed to bring luck. It was also observed that the rooster symbol and the excavations made in the ancient city of Laodicea were also used very much and it became clear that the symbol belonged to many years back.


A trio of Denizli